Who am I?

Aimless Musing

Now, this is just me thinking out loud…or to myself rather. Wondering why we are the way we are. In what exact moment in time did we become this person that we see in the mirror every day because it seems we never truly know or can pinpoint that exact moment in time. Why is that?

I’ve reached a point in life where I realize that I’ve changed. A lot. I’m in the midst of an evolution but not quite fully there and it makes me think when a caterpillar is in its cocoon, is it aware that it’s changing? Can it feel the change taking place? I mean, I’m sure inside it knows what’s about to transpire once it’s in the cocoon and the events thereafter but is it aware?

Do we actually feel ourselves changing? Because it seems as if we don’t. Now, I’m not talking about physical changes…

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I'm slightly deluded in the fact that I feel like people don't really care. No one really ever asks you how you're doing or how you feel. Those days when the loneliness becomes overbearing, no one's there or you're too afraid to make contact because you fear you'd just be a burden. Then you look in [...]


I wrote this after watching a documentary about the mistreatment of animals in factory farms. It's a work in progress.  I was born here. The smell of death, feces, and dying hope was all I ever knew. The helpless cries of pain and agony were my lullabies. They call us animals but even animals-I'm sure, [...]

2am thoughts

I think what i fear the most about meeting people online, in person is the fact that they won’t like you in person. Like, it’s so easy to be open and try to be the person you want to be through words but when it comes to actually acting on it, the anxiety kicks in [...]


We're told in life the things that we need to live for instead of things we need to live by. We seek love from people we think we need it from, instead of from those we deserve it from. We're so fixated on succeeding that we forget to live. Constantly longing to have it all [...]