Lingering thoughts

I feel that sometimes the world gets to be too much for me, it’s overwhelming.


The Artist’s Lament

Maybe I’ll give in
The words roll off my lips

Visions from a memory.

I’m doubting whether or not I’ll even recognize her because what does happiness look like?

La mère de mon esprit

I used to be a happy child, that’s what they always told me. Little did they know, that happy child had learned how to lie.

Voices heard behind these walls of concrete.

Two damaged people can love, so long as they don’t damage each other. So long as your stitched body doesn’t get caught in the blades of their lips. So long as their fingers don’t tug at the strings that’s keeping you together. So long as the love doesn’t get lost in the void within each…


And then I think maybe The drunkenness fuels the truth Exhibits the loneliness Foretells the pain Exhibits to the world How I feel I’m insane See I’ve always been alone I just never noticed until now I try so hard to blend in To be apart of the crowd But the fact is I’m not…

Late Nights at a Diner

I’m sitting in a diner At 2am I’m in the company of strangers Well… I wouldn’t say, strangers One is my brother, another is his girlfriend and their mutual friend But it’s unfamiliar because I’m not used to their company, it’s weird to me If I were with friends, it’d be different I’d be laughing We…


It’s a bad condition but not all buildings were meant to stay standing.


i apologize for the typos and whatever bad grammar may be present in this post, i’m slightly intoxicated as per stated in the title. i’d also like to apologize for the lack of content in the past couple of months. times are heard, we grow weary and distant. that’s just the way it seems to…

Avec amour, de la Corneille

Why do we fear death? Is it because we don’t understand it or is it because we don’t know what happens once you die?