Sometimes it feels as if I’m floating In ice cold water My body numb As I stare up at the cloudy sky It doesn’t hurt I just feel calm serene At peace Fog surrounds me as I bask in this wonderland I can feel my body shaking But it feels nice The kind of shaking…

Life, curveballs and struggling with depression

I keep telling myself that everything will be okay even though I have no hope that they will.


Nothing feels as good to love as music Music is the soul that breathes into you Music is the substance that keeps you whole Together Working as one Harmony Each hand clapped Is the sound of hearts being swept off their feet I’ve grown out of the cleaning song And I’ve found myself in a…


i yearn for this touch

“A Life in Parts” a poetry book. Out now

Greetings and salutations fellow readers and bloggers, I am proud to announce that my poetry book “A Life in Parts” is now for sale on Amazon. I will attach the link below and thank all in advance for your continued support. 😊 If you’re curious about what the book is about or what I hope…


“You’re my physical therapy. You can’t save me from my mind.”

dear love, from me

A little note on loving thyself Written for me By me. Dear me, You are beautiful Doll, never forget In you’re own way You shine You’re divine You stand out from all the rest It doesn’t mean you’re better Doesn’t mean you’re worse It just means that you are you, And baby let me tell,…