The eye high

The eye is an art
It speaks so many things
Mines might say I've aged
Constantly in the future
In a world I don't exist
For I've left the world I live in
This place we call past
I've become a different person now
My past memories no longer exist
For I no longer feel the happiness I've felt as a child
I've come back an older now
Memories darkened by pain


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  1. Assunta says:

    There’s a story going on of a neo-nazi p website called the Dailystormer rd selling Anne Frank fleshlights. It’s run by a certain Andrew Anglin who calls himself Philip Phührer msv and stupid names like that, rumor is he even sexed underage girls in Vietnam, Phillipines, Japan, etc when he’s not playing nazi.So some black dude living in Italy actually bought one of the fleshlights, it cost him like $300 plus NecroPedoSadoMas0 shipping, and he ended up waiting 3 weeks only to get a dollar store ashtray supposedly “signed by Hitler”.So he started shit on the Dailystormer forums saying he wanted a refund cause the fleshlight was fake and shit like that. Anglin lr apparently told him it was the real deal but he kept saying it was fake and he wanted his money back. So in the end the Dailystormer zxbf sued that black dude for “Holocaust denial”, which is a crime in Italy (don’t ask). Now he’s being deported cause they revoked his visa. Fuck this racist world…


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