A Life in Parts- The End

I think, in the end, we needed to be damaged.


Because how else could distance prove to be a burden if your cure didn’t feel as if they were miles away?

We brought out the best in each other because we were so accustomed to our own worst.

When we touched, it felt heavenly, as if something finally went right. Sparks flew.

Voids now filled.

In math, when you multiply two negative numbers, you get a positive. We were positive.

An indication that not all was lost.

Though the rainbow and the sunshine often appear after rain, sometimes that isn’t enough to repair water damage.

Maybe…that’s where we fell off?

The cost to repair all the water damage had become too much. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t make ends meet.

Things began to fall apart and before we knew it, our foundation was gone.

We weren’t good enough for each other. We didn’t have enough experience.

We were amateurs.

Amateurs at life and at love.

How did we expect to keep on when we kept coming to dead ends?

It’s like our lives were becoming a series of dead ends. Each chapter was just another house on another dead end street. Each time getting closer to the end.

We thought that maybe we could wait it out, set up camp and try to get comfortable.

But we got too comfortable, we settled into a routine

And before we knew it, we were bored.

Bored of our lives.

Bored of each other.

There was no longer a spark.

The sex became uniform

Kisses felt forced

And the touches became rough.



We began to fade

No longer with purpose

No longer in love

Strangers, we became

Staring across the room into unfamiliar eyes


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