Who am I?


Aimless Musing

Now, this is just me thinking out loud…or to myself rather. Wondering why we are the way we are. In what exact moment in time did we become this person that we see in the mirror every day because it seems we never truly know or can pinpoint that exact moment in time. Why is that?

I’ve reached a point in life where I realize that I’ve changed. A lot. I’m in the midst of an evolution but not quite fully there and it makes me think when a caterpillar is in its cocoon, is it aware that it’s changing? Can it feel the change taking place? I mean, I’m sure inside it knows what’s about to transpire once it’s in the cocoon and the events thereafter but is it aware?

Do we actually feel ourselves changing? Because it seems as if we don’t. Now, I’m not talking about physical changes…

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