A Life in Parts- The End

A Life in Parts- The End

I think, in the end, we needed to be damaged. Broken. Because how else could distance prove to be a burden if your cure didn't feel as if they were miles away? We brought out the best in each other because we were so accustomed to our own worst. When we touched, it felt heavenly, [...]


jusqu’à la mort

jusqu’à la mort

In silence are true intentions unfolded My lover's hands become so cold A stranger Touch Unbeknownst to me In a blind fury, pain spreads across my face His fingers slowly caress my neck Clutching Holding for dear life But what life? What life have I apart from him? Our bodies slowly make way to our [...]

Who am I?

Aimless Musing

Now, this is just me thinking out loud…or to myself rather. Wondering why we are the way we are. In what exact moment in time did we become this person that we see in the mirror every day because it seems we never truly know or can pinpoint that exact moment in time. Why is that?

I’ve reached a point in life where I realize that I’ve changed. A lot. I’m in the midst of an evolution but not quite fully there and it makes me think when a caterpillar is in its cocoon, is it aware that it’s changing? Can it feel the change taking place? I mean, I’m sure inside it knows what’s about to transpire once it’s in the cocoon and the events thereafter but is it aware?

Do we actually feel ourselves changing? Because it seems as if we don’t. Now, I’m not talking about physical changes…

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I love you in the most unconventional way. I love you with a heart so worn and disheveled; Beaten and discouraged by the toils of the thing we call "life". I love you with such hatred and disdain; That one would wonder why my heart beats for you so. I love you with a rage [...]