I’m actually not sure when I wrote this but there’s a chance I might have been drunk, haha.


4:25 AM

Here I am



At times, on days when I do my makeup exceptionally well, I become obsessed with the person I’ve become

This mask

Because she’s beautiful

She’s flawless

And for a second, I believe that the girl in the mirror is me

But upon closer observation, imperfections begin to surface and I’m exposed to everything

I’m aware of blemishes that go unnoticed by the stranger’s eye

The imperfect smile that I’m surprised no has yet been appalled to

Or maybe they have

Spare my feelings, have they?

I’m flattered

I’m exposed to the fact that I can’t love or be loved, there’s too much damage there

I’m an abandoned building that’s in no condition to be repaired

See, I’m filled with vermins, demons, insecurities and flaws

And there’s no way anyone would be willing to take on such a project

Why put in so much effort

Invest so much

When you can find something in better condition that’ll well worth your time

It’s a bad condition but not all buildings were meant to stay standing


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