The Girl Who Wasn’t Good Enough 

She couldn’t take it

All the compliments

They didn’t suit her because that’s not what she saw

When she looked in the mirror

She saw someone unworthy


A lost cause

She gnawed at those imperfections

Little things people wouldn’t notice

Features others have come to adore

She hated it all

She denied them all

She didn’t trust them

“They’re all lying,” she’d say

That girl in the mirror

“They don’t like you.

They never liked you

And it’s all a game.

No one wants you.

You’re atrocious

You’re disgusting.

You’re insane.”

That girl in the mirror glared at her

And instilled within this aching doubt

Of the world and her friends

And all those she came in contact

For lo and behold this myth they’ve sprung up

About the girl who was good enough

But you see, she was not



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