The Smell of Blood in Winter 


So, I’ll go out tonight 

It’s cold but I don’t mind 

I don’t have on my coat

No shoes either, as a matter of fact 

I guess I just enjoy the numbness 

This numbing pain soothes me 

Calms me down 

I let the snow flurries coat me 

Make me pretty 

I become one with my surroundings 

Maybe in another life, you could’ve loved me 

Maybe in another life, this wouldn’t hurt so bad 

The pain would not have lasted this long 

And maybe, just maybe, you would have made it to me in time 

Because this waiting was ceaseless 

From the buds of spring 

To the vivid roses of summer 

Which turned brown by autumn 

Then perished

Along with my hope

So, if ever you decide to come find me and wonder where I’ve gone 

Just follow the smell of blood in winter’s quiet song 


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