The Lost Fish in the Blood Sea

I can’t breathe… I feel like I’m suffocating but I’m in the clear. I’m fully intact and functional but why do I feel this way? Maybe it’s all in my head? My vision’s gone dark and I hear nothing but white noise; I’m so afraid. My heart is beginning to race and my chest is hurting….

Longing for Freedom

Freedom of choice. Freedom of self-expression. That’s what I want

Who am I?

Now, this is just me thinking out loud…or to myself rather. Wondering why we are the way we are. In what exact moment in time did we become this person that we see in the mirror every day because it seems we never truly know or can pinpoint that exact moment in time. Why is…


Feed me.  Words.  Pictures Stories Visions Feed me love  Heartbreak The butterflies in my stomach  The bright, immaculate joy on your face  Feed me an existence unhindered by the societal norms  A mind full of wonder Enlightened  Unconventional  Feed me your art  What makes you, you Your complexities  Insecurities  Your dreams Your fear  Feed me…

The Smell of Blood in Winter 

So, I’ll go out tonight  It’s cold but I don’t mind  I don’t have on my coat No shoes either, as a matter of fact  I guess I just enjoy the numbness  This numbing pain soothes me  Calms me down  I let the snow flurries coat me  Make me pretty  I become one with my…