Tired Eyes

I can see that you’re tired, I can see that you’re done

You’re exhausted, you’re famished, after that long run

Constantly chasing your past, putting aside your dreams

And ignoring the fact that you’re coming apart at the seems

How long will you continue to pretend you’re okay?

How long will you keep searching for the words to portray

The emptiness you feel, the need to give in

Smiling wryly into the abyss, letting depression win

Your legs have given in to the weight of your mind

As you walk down the path where light no longer shines

Where birds no longer tweet

No, they cry and they shriek

And at one point you’re numb, no longer feeling

The need to try harder, no hope in your own healing

As the wind grows violent, whispering such lies

Her heart beats quiet, as tears coat her tired eyes


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