Safe Space

I lay in bed sometimes and stare at the ceiling  For no particular reason  I’m just bored  My tv’s on, Netflix playing in the background but I’m not paying attention I’m too preoccupied with distant thoughts  Thoughts of what I could be doing instead of just laying here But I don’t budge  Why should I?…


Sometimes if I stop and listen carefully I can hear a faint music playing in the background  It comes from somewhere far Distant  Maybe an amusement park It sounds haunting  Yet slightly soothing  It’s empty  Silent  Rundown  But in this very moment  It’s calling to me

Nightmares 2

I saw her and she saw me She looked demented, unstable, crazy The fear began to ensue I turned to my sister and told her to run We got into the back of the car and tried to lock the door She stared at me and smiled- menacingly I screamed I woke up It was…


I wallow in the leaves of change Afraid to get up  Cover myself in the dead of nature It’s my blanket I sink in and let it engulf me  I’m washed up in the waves of color  Enamored by falls splendor I wish it’d never cease  I close my eyes  Crumble to pieces and make way…

Tired Eyes

Feelings from a time when I wasn’t okay, to say the least