I was floating  A sudden revelation that I was no longer there  Distant  A separate entity No longer belonging to my body  An experience  Haunting  Something unexplainable  I’m not right  Maybe somehow I’ve been losing my head  Coming undone  Advertisements


He loves me rough Incandescent And unpredictable Like the skies above He loves me sweet I’m tooth decay And he fuels me He loves me with such candor I can’t escape his grasp His love is supernatural I’m captivated He’s my drug My addiction And I need to relapse


These lights flicker They flicker They need to be changed My mind wanders To these figures I’m slightly deranged They’re not there But I still see them I might be insane My anger, it ignites Like a wild flame I hurt people, I deny And I’m always to blame I can’t be there I can’t…


I don’t know how long I’ve been sitting here…just staring at this blank wall. Something’s missing but I can’t seem to place it. I cocked my head back and stare at the ceiling; there are water stains all over. I want to fix it but I honestly don’t feel like it. My TV broke a…