I mean, it wasn’t always like this. There was a point in time when we were inseparable; nothing could break our bond.

But life–as it seems, is inevitable. You can’t control what happens.

I couldn’t control my feelings.

So I fell.

I fell so deeply in love with you that I could see no one else.

But that wasn’t who we were.

We couldn’t be in love, we weren’t meant for that.

We were something different. Something untitled.

I was never yours and you were never mine.

We’re just two distant souls, floating between the vast masses of nothing and what could be.

We were so natural

Nothing was ever forced, nothing was ever scripted.

In time, words became a stranger and the air between us became tense

To say the least, I didn’t know how to act.

You were the poison but also the remedy

Unknowingly, your presence coddled me

But I could never show it. I could never tell you what you were doing to me.

How could I when it meant losing something special?

There was no beginning nor an end.

Just something that was.

Something that is.

Something that just seemed to exist.


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