Sorrow’s Song

It takes so much out of me Holding on to a sliver of sanity Feeble attempts of worth Giving off the impression that all the pieces are in tack I’m grasping at the fog of what once was Drinking the poison of being not good enough Tell me is it worth to keep on Constantly…

Little Things

And the problem is that I’m not sure exactly when I started feeling this way. The butterflies, the anticipation of seeing–even talking to you, drove me mad. I didn’t understand why I felt so deeply for you. Why you were the only thing that always crossed my mind. Why moving on didn’t even seem to…


I mean, it wasn’t always like this. There was a point in time when we were inseparable; nothing could break our bond. But life–as it seems, is inevitable. You can’t control what happens. I couldn’t control my feelings. So I fell. I fell so deeply in love with you that I could see no one…

Cigarette Kisses

It’ll kill me The taste of his lips It’s like nicotine So addictive I can’t get enough It’s no good It’s a sin But I can’t help  but want you I need the smoke of your breath To engulf my lungs

Intro to a story I’ll probably never write 

I cut my hair- not completely but enough to have someone who knows me, walk past and not recognize me. I didn’t have any specific motive but I suppose it’s because I looked too familiar…if that even makes sense.  Walking into the bathroom this morning, I spotted the scissors that I used to cut the…


Instead, I decided to just sleep.


I’m slightly deluded in the fact that I feel like people don’t really care. No one really ever asks you how you’re doing or how you feel. Those days when the loneliness becomes overbearing, no one’s there or you’re too afraid to make contact because you fear you’d just be a burden. Then you look in…


Fighting junkies with wood pieces and water glass bottles not as strong as i thought they just keep coming


Every breath a song of pleasure


 Oh my darling you reek of bitter nights  And sorrows tears  You taste of dying hope  And growing fears  Your smile’s anchored by pain  Eyes tainted by dying dreams Chasing a vision but you’re incapable of seeing  How slowly it’s all decaying