“Somewhere Near”- Introduction

An excerpt from a story I’m still working on titled, “Somewhere Near”. It’s still a dire work in progress.


“You look so cold,” I heard him whisper. I smiled, I didn’t have the strength to tell him how warm I felt.  I felt the sun’s rays caressing me with its heat. The warmer I got, the further away I felt myself slipping. Deep, into the darkness. Suddenly, I heard a faint sound, something like a warning and it was getting louder.



“Fuck!” I woke with a start, covered in sweat, and breathing heavily. I rolled over to my nightstand and turned off the alarm clock. I laid back down in bed and stared a the ceiling. I rubbed my eyes, surprised by the tears that rolled down the back of my hands. Staring at the ceiling again, I shook my head and whispered to myself, “It was only a dream.”

With that, I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom.


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