still in the bathroom

August 24, 2016 About four months and maybe twelve days ago, I tried to kill myself. By now, everyone's brushed it under the rug and it's as if it never happened but four months and about twelve days ago, everyone cared. They got word that I was in the hospital from trying to overdose and they [...]



I hate you cause you're not good enough And you're always lost in though I hate you cause you're careless and you're always giving up I hate you because you let you  their opinions influence your thoughts I hate you because you don't have the courage to speak up I hate you cause you're lazy [...]

3:17 am

And she never understood why he always chose to stay. She racked her brain, trying to come up with every possible reason why he should bail but still, he stayed.  She told him all her flaws, everything that made her seem like the worst person to ever exist  But still, he stayed.  She cursed him [...]



I just want to sleep That's what I tell myself when I'm tired of existing  When the heaviness on my chest returns And I can't find the energy to get out of bed  It's numbing