Insecure- Intro

Often, we overlook how truly agonizing it is to be unsure of oneself. 

It’s hard to take a compliment

There’s a smile but it’s never felt

As if we’re impervious to anything that even tries to attempt to make us feel better 

As if we’re bound to this distorted view of who we are and what we look like that we refuse to see things any other way 

And no one truly realizes the extent of this relationship 

How deep it runs 

How it’s so embedded in us that it becomes part of who we are 

So yes, thank you

I appreciate that you think I’m beautiful 

Sometimes, I see it too

But forever, I will be this girl that can’t stand her smile 

Sometimes, I will disagree 

And it’s not because I’m being modest or I’m trying to seek attention 

That’s just who I am


And I’m sorry if you don’t understand it or don’t believe it

But that’s just how it is

That’s just how I am

I am insecure

And it’s by far, the worst part of me


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