relieving myself


hi, i’m strange

i can’t stand still

i’m always on the move

whether it be physically or mentally

i feel the need to run my hand across the walls in an empty hallway

hi, i’m strange

eye contact intimidates me

i will sit alone then chastise myself

for not being more social

i make faces and sometimes, i’m unaware that i do

hi, i’m strange

i’m absent minded

i sometimes become speechless in awkward situations

my mouth is open but my mind is blank

hi, i’m afraid

my heart races

please don’t look at my face

it makes me anxious

i say the wrong things and i’m weird

i hope i don’t scare you away

it was never my intention

maybe someday i’ll break out of my shell

but not today

today i’m a hermit…

i kind of like it this way


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