Somewhere along the line, I guess we fell off

I’m not sure when and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t notice.

I suppose I’m to blame

For the lack of effort

For not even bothering to fix things

I pushed you away and you know what, I regret it because, I ended up pushing you into the arms of another

Why didn’t I notice how distant we became?

How far out of your reach I was

And I wish I  could take it all back

I ignored you

I doubted you

And I’m so sorry

I’m so sorry I was so selfish

I’m so sorry for looking the other way

I’m so sorry for not taking what we had seriously

I depended on you to lean on

But I let you fall

It’s funny how distance makes the heart grow fonder

Because ever since I lost you, I’ve wanted nothing more

I miss the texts

Your compliments

The inside jokes

The flirting–oh, the flirting

And I never told you how much you made me smile

How the caterpillars turned to butterflies

I miss what was

Before our disconnect


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