And it’s sad that they don’t realize what they’re doing

Each time they deny your rights of being

Of existing

Of living a life according to you

Free choices?

They don’t exist

Because your life doesn’t belong to you

How can it?

When you’re chained down and told what to think

When you’re constantly abused and raped by demeaning words

That take away from your value as a person

Words that claw at your skin and your eyes

Words that make you see flaws

Words that make you believe their lies

Such a stain and a burden

When we forget what it’s like to exist

When laugh lines become blemish

Instead of a gesture of a happy life

Why do we hold back our thoughts?

Why do we shy away from the idea of being ourselves?

We cry into our pain stained pillows at night

In hopes of alleviating the pain of reality

In hopes that we no longer suffer in our dreams

Like uprooted trees and false fruits

When will we realize that we’re false images of something pretty without any roots?


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  1. Jade says:

    Reblogged this on Aimless Musing.


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