I always find it fascinating how obsessed we become with other people’s lives. Like an addiction. We’re constantly watching, judging and forming opinions on what they choose to do and how they choose to do it. Isn’t it sad? How we, unfortunately, fail to realize how irrelevant our opinions are? Nonfactual, nonintellectual thoughts that have no premise and are completely based on our individual moral stances on life. And isn’t it the worst how we let these opinions affect us and change our view? Our views which are completely our own and no one else’s. Our views which are unique and a reflection of who we are. Yet, we let the views of others twist that so it becomes- not only ours but that of someone else’s.


We let our individuality cease to exist because our thoughts become co-dependent on that of others. Such a sad life we live, when we’re afraid to be comfortable with ourselves.


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