2am thoughts

I think what i fear the most about meeting people online, in person is the fact that they won’t like you in person.

Like, it’s so easy to be open and try to be the person you want to be through words but when it comes to actually acting on it, the anxiety kicks in and you become deathly afraid of what others think.

Will they be turned off by my appearance?
Will the way I act turn them off?

It becomes a battle of what ifs because you don’t know what to expect.
You come up with every possible scenario that you can think of but they all just intensify your fear.

And the real problem is- I guess, is that you wouldn’t find these people in person. You can’t walk the streets of your hometown and find someone exactly like “flyguy65”. Or maybe there is someone like him but you’ll never know.

You don’t go out.
He won’t notice you.
You’re not approachable.

And it kinda sucks because as much as I’d rather meet my “flyguy65” somewhere local, we’re probably just overlooking each other’s existence and are completely unaware of that fact.


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