Elephant tears

Heavy they fall From my eyes To the pavement Blurring my vision Masking my face Mascara runs Tightening lungs My chest feels heavy My legs give in Unrelenting They have no care I can feel their glare They're all staring at me As if I'm insane I'm howling I'm screaming I wallow in pain And [...]


2am thoughts

I think what i fear the most about meeting people online, in person is the fact that they won’t like you in person. Like, it’s so easy to be open and try to be the person you want to be through words but when it comes to actually acting on it, the anxiety kicks in [...]


We're told in life the things that we need to live for instead of things we need to live by. We seek love from people we think we need it from, instead of from those we deserve it from. We're so fixated on succeeding that we forget to live. Constantly longing to have it all [...]


Some say it's peaceful being alone. Sort of a quiet Eden where no one bothers you, but I say it's madness. No man or woman should be made to sit alone with their thoughts for a prolonged period; such quiet agony is enough to drive one mad. I say this from experience because I, for [...]



Sometimes I sit and wonder why we put monetary value on humans; judging them by their worth. Other times, I wonder why money became such a driving force in our society. It hangs like such an ominous cloud over our head; often wishing for a rain of money to quench the thirst of Mother Earth's citizens. [...]


As humans, we endeavor to better ourselves. However, it is sometimes on the wrong aspects. We strive for the visual aesthetics. We overlook the book because we're too busy staring at the pictures. We put too much admiration into the visual rather than the vision.