Lingering thoughts

I feel that sometimes the world gets to be too much for me, it’s overwhelming.


cold embrace.

i want to be kissed with fury and lust raging from his hips.   i want to be held feel that grip as my fingers explore his face.   but i don’t want this your stiff hands digging into my base.   dark eyes and bare teeth those sharp words escaping your lips.    

A letter to the decrepit.

I wish I were you. at the end of life, staring into the abyss. I wish we could trade places and you could once again feel the rush of youth whilst carrying my weight. bend those knees that won’t break. and I don’t write this to be rude to be true I am a shrew…

Life Support

Somehow she ended in a half way house. Devoid of the life she knew. A room ridden by those of like minded. The truth only it seemed she knew. This isn’t a life we’re living. Not a place where dreams will ever come true. I hear the heart monitors in the distance. Somehow I’ll find…

Visions from a memory.

I’m doubting whether or not I’ll even recognize her because what does happiness look like?

La mère de mon esprit

I used to be a happy child, that’s what they always told me. Little did they know, that happy child had learned how to lie.

If you stay

..things I wish your heart would have said

Voices heard behind these walls of concrete.

Two damaged people can love, so long as they don’t damage each other. So long as your stitched body doesn’t get caught in the blades of their lips. So long as their fingers don’t tug at the strings that’s keeping you together. So long as the love doesn’t get lost in the void within each…

The spaces between gritted teeth

He’s a liar. I’ve heard those words seeping through the spaces in his teeth. The spaces that he’s passed down to me. These spaces I call highways. Endless roads of hidden truth. And on this endless highway is where I learned to hurt you. His lies, they comforted me. His lies and her truths. A…

Roaming, feet first on the ground

The streets of urban, suburbia Where our neighbors walk the streets at night in search of home Where broken hearts let out their wishes in the smoggy air Air filled with the pollution of hate and misunderstandings The streets of urban, suburbia Where I long to get away Where dreams went to stay Where families…